How to Make a DIY Card Holder

DIY Card HolderHere’s how it goes for me:

I’m in the store and I pull out my freshly arranged wallet – so proud that I know just where everything is – and I select my chosen card and hand it over. Then as it is handed back and I am suddenly expected to sign something while being handed a bag of my newly purchased items, all while observing the pleasantries of polite customer interaction behavior, I stuff the card and the receipt back into my bag haphazardly, vowing to put it in it’s rightful place later. Two days later, my bag is a garbage dump of credit cards, customer loyalty cards, and receipts and I promise – never again.

But wallets just aren’t that practical to be honest. You have to unzip them and – well, I guess that’s it, but that’s inconvenient enough. My husband got this super cool little elastic wallet that holds just his cards, but for the hefty hipster price of $35, I decided I could make one for myself.

Here’s what I used:IMG_9915

– a bit of scrap fabric

– a piece of 3″ wide elastic that was about 5″ long

– scissors

– needle and thread

– sewing machine

I’m no expert here, so if anyone has suggestions on how to do this better, please say so in the comments!

First, I pressed my fabric in half inside out.







Then I sewed up the open end using my sewing machine.

Here’s where I may or may not have had a genius idea. I decided to sew the bit of elastic into the inside of the fabric.










After that I had to finagle (is that a word??) the elastic and fabric back right side out. That took awhile because I was desperately trying not to mess up my seams. But once I got that part done, I trimmed back the elastic just a bit to have room to fold the fabric in on itself to sew it up manually.








Once it was all sewed up it was done! I made two – one for my “use every day cards” and one for the ones that get pulled out less frequently. I’m so excited and hope that I’ll ACTUALLY use them instead of having drifting cards in my purse at all times.


IMG_9926Let me know if you have any tips or if you’ve ever made anything similar!