My Top 10 Jamberry Tips & Tricks (plus 3 bonus myths busted!)


Tips & Tricks TitleI started my Jamberry journey back in April 2014. In that time I’ve tried maybe every tip and trick I’ve run across online. As much as I LOVE the product, my nails haven’t always cooperated properly and I keep maintaining that I’m the problem.

So, here’s the quick and dirty list (in no particular order) with the explanations below. Please feel free to comment below with any questions or tips of your own!!! As always, go to my sample request page to get your free samples for some wraps to experiment with.

tips & tricks1) Don’t shower or bathe an hour after application. 

This is a big one and one I frequently forget to tell customers. Many people, completely understandably, follow up their mani with a nice soak in the tub. This is a no-no. At least for a little bit after application. The brand new wraps are still setting and the warm water will loosen the seal. So stay away from dishes, showers, and baths for as long as possible after you get your nails done.

2) Don’t use your nails as tools.

This is kind of a common sense tip, but if you’re using your nails to pry open a particularly stubborn blister package (not saying it was me, but it was), the tips of your wraps will suffer. Do yourself a favor and just grab some scissors.

3) Wash your hands with dish soap before application.

Washing with dish soap, like Dawn, will remove your hands’ natural oils that will try to repel the wraps. The Jamberry packaging recommends using alcohol wipes, but a quick wash with dish soap will work just as well.

4) ALWAYS cut down your wraps smaller than your nail beds.

I’ve said it once and I’ll continue to say it. Trim your wraps. Don’t be afraid, it’s surprisingly easy. The wraps absolutely will not stick to cuticles or skin so any overlap will cause peeling and bubbles, which will drive you crazy and make you pick at them until you eventually take them off. A really tiny trim with some small scissors will solve all that. If a little bit of natural nail shows through, I promise it won’t be noticeable. Your wraps will last longer and look better.

5) Don’t use cuticle oils or lotions within an hour of application.

This is kind of like taking a bath. Lotions and oils are great for your hands and nails, just not right after application. You need to let the wraps set fully before you introduce those elements.

6) File ends off in a downward motion (after they have cooled off a bit).

The Jamberry packaging clearly advises to file the edges of your wraps in a downward motion, but it doesn’t mention that you should give it a minute or two to cool first. I typically apply all of the wraps to one hand and then go back to file the edges down. If you file them right away, they could still be too warm and the movement might make them buckle.

7) Avoid touching the sticky backing with your fingers.

That sticky stuff is meant to stick and stick quickly. If you handle it too much, it will quickly lose it’s stick-to-it-ness. Instead, use an orange stick or tweezers to pull it off the sheet and hold it up to your heat source.

8) Don’t forget you can always use a nail strengthener under the wraps for weak or flexible nails.

My nails are naturally weak. I take a daily supplement of Biotin to try to combat that (and it is starting to work), but I also ALWAYS put a coat of nail strengthener on underneath my wraps. I feel like it actually helps my wraps last longer since my ends aren’t as flexible, and the wraps can’t move as much.

9) French tips: Long=less tip, Short=more tip

It’s almost counterintuitive, but when sizing for the French tips, the “long” size refers to the long nail bed, meaning the clear (or bottom if you’re getting one of the colored French tips) section. The “long” size has a shorter white portion. The “short” size is the exact opposite and the medium is, well, right in the middle. The catalog has a great fitting guide if you’re still unsure. Contact me and I’ll send one to you!

10) For easy removal, soak in coconut oil and run floss underneath.

Alright, I’m the worst at this. I get impatient and just pick them off. BUT, for a really easy and really gentle removal, coconut oil is the best (isn’t the answer for almost everything coconut oil???). A quick soak, like 3-5 minutes, and then gently run a piece of dental floss under the wrap and it’ll come right up with zero damage.


– You can absolutely take baths or get in a hot tub with the wraps on. I get asked this question all the time! The only problem is in the first hour after application but, after that you are good to go!

– These wraps are PERFECT for people in jobs that have to wash their hands frequently (education, health care, food industry). They actually hold up far better than polish and again, after that initial application, they hold up very well in water.

– No, they don’t feel like stickers on your nails. With the proper application they actually feel more like the gel manicures you get at the salon.


Any other questions out there that I didn’t address? Ask me in the comments section!




The Latest Jamberry Application Test

I feel the need to be the OFFICIAL tester of all Jamberry applications that claim to be THE BEST WAY EVER. So when I ran across this video on Pinterest, I had to give it a shot.

Here’s the breakdown if you don’t want to watch the video.

What you need:

– Jams (duh)

– Spoon scoop cuticle remover – like this one on Amazon for around $6


– Alcohol wipes or rub

– Little scissors

– Rubber cuticle pusher

– Heat source (either the Jamberry heater, your hair dryer, or I’ve heard of girls using toasters and stoves – whatever ya got)

– Optional – Cuticle dissolver

cuticle remover

I was skeptical. If you’ve read my other posts, I’ve got wonky nails and I was just sure this was great for other girls, but not me… I was totally and happily wrong.

I started with a good cleaning of my cuticles using the spoon scoop since Krysten’s video claims that most of Jamberry’s bubbles are caused by those invisible cuticles that actually surround the entire nail that most of us miss.

I used Sally Hanson’s Instant Cuticle Dissolver in this step because I thought if one thing was good, two might be better? I bought this at Ulta for about $7 and I’m not sure how much it helped since I haven’t tried the process without it, but it did remove ALL of my cuticles fully.

Next I trimmed my wraps down because as I’ve stated before and will reiterate here: SMALLER IS ALWAYS BETTER. Trust me. If a little natural nail shows on the sides, no one will ever notice it. It’s way better than peeling edges.

Then I used my alcohol wipes, my heater, and applied my Jams as usual, using the rubber pusher to apply pressure.

Next up, I tried the somewhat barbaric step of heating up metal and then holding it against my nail. You take the spoon scoop and hold it in front of your heat source and then press it down against your nail bed rubbing down as you go. It really wasn’t as bad as I initially thought and it actually did an excellent job of sealing down the edges. Just don’t heat it up too long, because seriously…it’s metal, against your skin, and it’s hot. Be smart, people.

So I used the old Gold Glitter wraps (before they were redesigned to be thinner and easier to apply). I thought I might as well run this application test through the ringer. I am absolutely happy to report that on Day Two I have ZERO bubbles or lifting anywhere. I will have to update to let everyone know how long the wraps actually last on my nails, but I’m pretty happy so far.

This method may be my new go-to over the vent method because it requires less steps and doesn’t leave me with extra edges that could get caught on clothes or hair. Please give this a shot and comment to let me know if this works for you! If you need some free samples to experiment with, go to my sample request page and I’ll get them to you right away!

UPDATE: Day 3 and my wraps are still picture perfect!


Here’s a video I made using the application used in this tutorial. Be warned: It’s 15 minutes because I explain some of the products I use, but I think there’s some useful info in there.