“Ohhhh…So you both have laayyerrssss…” (Jamberry-style)

LayeringIt is a fact that I quote Donkey from Shrek more than any other character from any other movie. I don’t know why I find his little nuggets of wisdom so applicable to my life, but quite frequently I find “that’s a nice boulder” is really the ONLY appropriate thing to say in a given situation.


Layers. Onions have layers, ogres have layers, parfaits have layers, and even Jamberry can have layers. Yes! You can layer your Jamberrys! And that’s just what we’re going to do.

Now I always layer my Jamberry wraps over a nail strengthener, but I suppose that lost ruinsdoesn’t quite count. In the same fashion, you can layer the wraps over a colored polish like this pic from the Jamberry website of Lost Ruins over Copper Penny (both Jamberry products).

On a sarcastic note, be sure to layer the clear or tinted wraps over colored polish – otherwise you won’t be able to see the polish. Whew…public service announcement complete.

But the really fun part is that you can layer Jams on Jams. I feel like that needs to be made into a jingle.

I have some tips for this, because you want to get the wraps sized just right so you don’t have any wonky areas where they don’t match up.

IMG_9944First, trim your base wraps down like you would for normal application, only don’t apply them yet and don’t remove them from the backing. Use them as templates and trace the edges on the backs of your tops wraps. When you’re trimming your top wraps, be sure to trim just inside the traced line.

IMG_9952It’s my opinion that you should do one nail at a time, both wraps. Let them kind of fuse together with all that combined heat.

The best part about Jams on Jams is that you can really get creative and have some fun. I would absolutely LOVE to see your works of nail art in the comments below!! Please let me know what you come up with 🙂