Jamberry Nail Art Studio

What is it and how do I use it?

First, the Nail Art Studio is a place where you can upload your own images to create your own one-of-a-kind nail wraps. Fun, right? But, how does it work?

On the Jamberry home page, click on the Get Started button in the Nail Art Studio section.¬†WebBannerNASFrom there you’ll need to set up a customer account to be able to save your designs. Once you’re into the studio, click on “create” to get started. This is the fun part!

You can choose between several pre-loaded objects or patterns or you can upload your own.

*** Be warned *** Jamberry will not approve any licensed designs. So, no, you can’t upload a picture of Olaf’s face and put it on a wrap, but you can design snowman inspired wraps. Think of it as a challenge!

Here’s one I recently designed:

Tartan NAS Design

I was browsing through Pinterest and came across a beautiful tartan scarf and thought – I need that on my nails!!! So I searched for a plaid pattern that I could legally use and popped that baby into the design studio. I couldn’t decide between these two plaids so I went for them both.

And here they are in real life! How much fun is that?!



Just think of the possibilities¬†– personal artwork, photography, favorite color combos, bridal party nails….

The cost is a little higher for these custom beauties. They are $18.75 per sheet with a one time $6.00 set up fee, but you can order up to 25 sheets. I’ve found it’s best to get a few friends on board and split up the cost a little. As much fun as regular Jamberrys are, the freedom to design your own is surprisingly addictive and fun!

Some tips:

– Be sure that the design covers the dotted outline of the wrap on the screen. Otherwise it won’t print properly.

– Pay attention to how the image is centered on all of the wraps. If you have an object centered on the largest wrap, and apply it to all the sizes, it may not appear centered on the smaller sizes. You can go in and change the positioning individually.

– Remember you can move objects forwards and backwards. For example: my sister is a Steelers fan (no hater comments) and she wanted black and yellow stripes. I selected the black stripes first and positioned them, but when I went to put the yellow on, they covered up the black stripes. No problem! Just click on the “Back” button to send the yellow behind the black.

What if I’m creatively challenged?

I’d be happy to design a custom wrap for you! Let me know what you’re thinking of and I’ll send you a proof for free. If you decide to purchase I can order for you and just invoice you for the cost.