Rock Solids!

Young woman hand with multicoloured nails.

If you’re a Jamberry vet, chances are that you were drawn to all the possibilities of PRINTED DESIGNS! Because Jamberry wraps are printed, the options are endless. Polka dots, chevrons, and florals, oh my!

But have you checked out the Sparkling Solids collection yet? No? Well, now’s the time!

Listen, I can hear you through the monitor. “Why would I pick a solid color when I could just use nail polish?” Good question! Here’s why: Polish sucks. Sorry, but it does.

1) The oh-so-careful, but ultimately flawed paint job.

right hand

2) The loooooong dry time.

no time

And why do I always have to pee as soon as I’m done painting???

3) The chips (not the salty, delicious kind).


Okay, so maybe you’ve decided that polish really does suck, but you can just go to a salon right? Sure. You can drive there, pay $20 plus tip, and it still won’t survive through next week’s Game of Thrones episode. Want gels? Fork over even more money (though hopefully it will last a little longer) and risk nail bed damage.

There’s a better way. Once you’ve gotten accustomed to Jamberry’s quality and ease, it really is hard to go back to polish. Even if all you want is just a solid color.

Because solid isn’t boring! Jamberry users like to show off their pro-looking designs, but not everyone is into reptile scales or lace. And that’s OK! Go solid! Go bold! Go neutral! Go gothic! Jamberry has a ton of great solids in a variety of finishes and some even available in sparkle. It’s really never been easier to have the perfect, salon-esque nails right from home.

Here’s my latest Jamberry order – ALL SOLIDS! 20150516_125650

These are Daydream, Grapefruit, Athens, and Blue Jeans.


New to Jamberry? Check out some of my other posts on application techniques.

And as always, if you love Jamberry but don’t want to pay for it – host a party! You can earn lots of free and half price items and it can all be done over Facebook! No need to shower or set out hors d’oeuvres. Contact me or see my Jamberry website for more details.


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