How To: Create Abstract Art When You’re NOT an Artist

How To- Abstract Art

This poor canvas…It’s had many lives, but I think I’ve finally got a winner.

After a watercolor disaster, it ended up like this –


Definitely a Pinterest Fail. It was supposed to be ikat, but I don’t know where I went wrong…What to do when you really want a piece of abstract art when you aren’t really an artist? Make it messy! Intentionally!

This was my inspiration piece from One Kings Lane:


I liked the randomness and also that it looked pretty easy to replicate. So my poor canvas got a fresh coat of white paint (I’m working with all acrylics for this project).



Next up, I just started pouring and spattering colors all over the canvas. This piece is going to hang in my office where the walls are in desperate need of some happy color.


Then I just took a wide-ish brush and dragged it across the canvas through the paint. I was kinda hoping this would be an instant masterpiece, but it left something to be desired.


So I let it dry overnight (easily the hardest part of the project – just being patient) and then repeated the spatter, pour, and brush process again. BUT I forgot to rinse my brush out the night before and it was hardened. I decided – whatever, maybe it will add some texture. And it totally did!


Then it was time for some accents. The inspiration piece looks like they used a paint brush, but I decided to get a little more jazzy and use cotton balls and makeup sponges.


Then I got to dabbing. Ya know how it seems like doing something random would be so easy? Why is it so not?? I had to stop myself from trying to make it symmetrical or some kind of pattern. This is why I’m no artist.

But the end result turned out pretty awesome!


It doesn’t look a thing like my inspiration, but that’s not the point. It looks so great next to the other piece I made for my office. The wall I need to fill is huge so I have more work to do, but I can tell it’s getting happier already.

Has anyone else had a difficult time being abstract, or am I just a little too type-A to really let go?



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