My Jamberry Rice Bag Method

Hi All! There’s no shortage of creative methods for applying your Jamberry nail wraps, but the rice bag method is my favorite. Here’s a quick tutorial on how I do it and why I think it’s the best!

Step 1: Start with clean nails. If you want to put a base coat on, now’s the time.
Clean Hand

Step 2: Gather the tools. You’ll need your Jamberry nail wraps (obviously), a super cute rice bag, alcohol wipes, buffer, nail file, scissors, and cuticle pushers. First you want to use your alcohol wipes (or nail polish remover or wash your hands with dish soap). Then cut your wrap to the right size – don’t be afraid to trim them!! Smaller is always better since the wraps won’t stick to skin or cuticles.

Step 3: Now for the different part – place the wrap right on your nail BEFORE heating it up!
le sample
This one is “Mad Mod” from the Fall/Winter 2014 catalog and is adorable!
No Heat First
There’s a BIG advantage to this: once the wrap is heated, it will seal pretty much instantly to your nail. So any shaky hands or wiggly children will result in bad placement. Putting them on “cold” lets you re-adjust it a bit if you need to. Once the wrap is where you want it, trim down the top a bit to take off the excess.

Step 4: And now for the heat!
If I’m doing all my nails at once, I will typically go ahead and place all the wraps on cold before I heat up my rice bag. This makes the process very fast because I can heat them all at the same time. Pop the bag in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds and then gently press it on to the wrap. You can use the bag as pressure to make sure to get a good seal around all the edges.
rice bag

P.S. These rice bags are very easy to make at home, just some regular white rice in whatever scrap fabric you have around. If sewing isn’t your thing, contact me and I can sell these beauties that are hand-beaded and scented (optional) for $5 each.
P.S.S What isn’t easy is photographing yourself when you need a third hand. You get the idea. You don’t really have to hold it in the same hand…

Step 5: Give the wrap a few seconds to cool then file in a downward motion to remove the bit of excess at the tip and seal those suckers down.
And there you have it! A beautifully applied nail wrap that will last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 4 weeks on toes!

Check out the full catalog of wraps at my site:
Please contact me if you are interested in doing a party, either virtual (Facebook) or in person (I’m local to central Maryland). When you book a party you and your guests will all get a rice bag with your order for FREE!


One thought on “My Jamberry Rice Bag Method

  1. I found your rice bag posting on line and found its very helpful. I was wondering the wrap you used on the rest of your nails. The featured nail is mad mod but I love the color on the rest of your nail.


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